Bill Smith v. John Jones

Bill Smith v. John Jones
March 21, 2017 admin

Service by Publication in Afghanistan

PLEASE TAKE NOTICE, the following Summons/Citation will be published for three (3)  consecutive months upon order of the Court. Defendant, John Jones, is hereby notified that a civil legal case has been filed against him.

Case name: Bill Smith v. John Jones

Case Number: 12345B the Notice

Court: Los Angeles Superior Court

Department: 80

Order to Serve by Publication

Country: Afghanistan

Be it known to all that Bill Smith, Plaintiff, has been ordered by the Court to publish the Summons in the above-captioned case in a newspaper of general circulation for a period of not less than once a week for four (4) consecutive weeks.

Defendant, John Jones, must file an answer or response with the time specified on the Summons in order to protect its rights.

Signed, Judge J.T. Hall

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