Qing Tian China

Qing Tian China
June 10, 2020 Nelson Tucker

Service by Publication in China

PLEASE TAKE NOTICE, the  Order for Service by Publication for Qing Tian, and supporting Court-issued documents shall be published for at least once per week for four (4) consecutive weeks upon order of the Court. Respondent, Qing Tian, who is believed to be a resident of the People’s Republic of China is hereby notified that a civil legal case for divorce has been filed against her.


Case name: David L. Swartz v. Qing Tian

Case Number: 2019 07 0569

Court: Court of Common Pleas, Division of Domestic Relations, Butler County, Ohio

Division: Domestic Relations

Order for Service by Publication

Country: China

Be it known to all that Judge Schneider Carter, of the Court of Common Pleas, Butler County, Ohio has ordered that the Order for Service by Publication for Qing Tian along with related Court-issued documents be published in the above-captioned case in a an appropriate publication of general circulation in China, namely Global Legal Notices, LLC, for a period of  once a week for four (4) consecutive weeks.


Signed, HONORABLE Schneider Carter

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