Peter Smith Rick

Peter Smith Rick
March 22, 2019 Nelson Tucker

Service by Publication in Ethiopia

PLEASE TAKE NOTICE, the  Order for Publication, and supporting Court-issued documents shall be published for four (4) weeks upon order of the Court. Respondent, Peter Smith Rick in Ethiopia, is hereby notified that a Summons (Family Law) and Petition for Dissolution of Marriage, along with additional Court-issued documents have been filed naming him as the Respondent.


Case name: Amanda Burton and Peter Smith Rick

Court Case No.: 18FL013435C

Court: Superior Court of California, County of San Diego, Central Division

Dept: N/A

Order for Service by Publication

Country: Ethiopia

Be it known to all that Judge Daniel F. Link has ordered that the Order for Publication and related Court-issued documents be published in the above-captioned case in a an appropriate publication of general circulation in Ethiopia, Global Legal Notices, for a period of not less than once a week for four (4) successive weeks.

Respondent, Peter Smith Rick who is believed to reside in Ethiopia, must answer the Petition in the matter prescribed on the Summons  within 30 calendar days.

Order signed by the Honorable Daniel F. Link on 03/05/2019

NOTE: In the instant case, Global Legal Notices LLC, will run the publication continuosly for four (4) weeks, without interruption.

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