Anabely Caceres Barahona Honduras

Anabely Caceres Barahona Honduras
April 9, 2020 Nelson Tucker

Service by Publication in Honduras

PLEASE TAKE NOTICE, the Notice to Anabely Caceres Barahona, and supporting Court-issued documents shall be published for at least once per week for four (4) consecutive weeks upon order of the Court. Respondent, Anabely Caceres Barahona, is hereby notified that a civil legal case for terminantion of parental rights has been filed against her.


Case name: Anabely Caceres Barahona

Case Number: 74CC5-2018-CV-461

Court:  Circuit Court of Robertson County, Tennessee

Division: N/A

Notice to Anabely Caceres Barahona

Country: Honduras

Date of Publication:  April 9, 2020

Date of Completion: May 7, 2020

Be it known to all that the Notice to Anabely Caceres Barahona , plus Spanish translation, is hereby published in the above-captioned case in a an appropriate publication of general circulation in Honduras, namely Global Legal Notices, LLC, for a period of not less than once a week for four (4) consecutive weeks.


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